2 Tips To Make Your Healthy Food Less Boring, So You’re More Inspired To Eat Well

For many people, the idea of healthy eating doesn’t sound too appealing because it conjures up images of plain steamed vegetables or a bowl of bland quinoa. However, the reality is that healthy eating can be quite delicious, especially if you’re armed with the right advice on how to make your healthy food more exciting. Spending time making your meals tastier and more unique can actually leave you more inspired to eat healthy.

“Many people set out to eat healthy and become frustrated when they feel deprived and uninspired by their food,” says Amy Swartz, RD of meal delivery company Munchery. “Focusing so much energy on counting calories and the foods you shouldn’t eat can feel overly restricting. Shifting the focus away from diets and calorie counting towards an overall healthy lifestyle and healthy eating choices gives you the flexibility to try new things, enjoy foods in moderation, and ultimately make healthy eating a permanent lifestyle change.”

1. Eat What You Like


2.Allow Yourself That Treat


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